In Yellow Jessamine, shipping magnate Evelyn Perdanu controls the dying city of Delphinium with trade deals and secrets. But when mysterious sickness sparks death and obsession, all leading back to her, Evelyn’s brittle existence is strained to breaking. She retreats to her estate, amidst paranoia and poisonous secrets, intent on rooting out this plague before it destroys everything she has built.


“This story of witchery and death unfurls itself one petal at a time until you will be happy to lay yourself amongst its whispering tendrils and just breathe it in.” — Jordan Shiveley, Dread Singles


"No word is out of place in Starling’s lush tale, which ties each small detail together in a conclusion that will knock readers’ socks off. This powerful dark fantasy is as lovely as it is haunting." - Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

  • Neon Hemlock Press

    New paperback

    131 pages

    8" x 5"