Ethnic minority youths often face unique challenges in their development. Working with Culture presents a range of culturally responsive psychotherapeutic interventions, illustrated by case examples, for dealing practically with problems such as cross-racial foster care, gang involvement, and substance abuse.


Table of contents


1 Through the Cultural Looking Glass: A Model for Understanding Culturally Responsive Psychotherapies 1 - Joan D. Koss-Chioino, Luis A. Vargas


Part One: Working with African American Children and Adolescents


2 Self-Esteem and Identity in Psychotherapy with Adolescents from Upwardly Mobile Middle-Class African American Families 25 - Arthur C. Jones


3 Therapeutic Issues for Black Children in Foster Care 43 - Helen L. Jackson, George Westmoreland


4 Racial Socialization as a Tool in Psychotherapy with African American Children 63 - Beverly A. Greene


Part Two: Working with Hispanic American Children and Asolescents


5 Cultural Considerations in Play Therapy with Hispanic Children 85 - Kenneth J. Martinez, Diana M. Valdez


6 Spirituality and Family Dynamics in Psychotherapy with Latin Children 103 - Joseph M. Cervantes, Oscar Ramirez


7 Therapy with Latino Gang Members 129 - Armando T. Morales


Part Three: working with Asian American Children and Adolescents


8 The Inner Heart: Therapy with Southeast Asian Families 157 - Christine M. Chao


9 Differential Application of Treatment Modalities with Asian American Youth 181 - Man Keung Ho

10 Living Between Two Cultures: Treating First-Generation Asian Americans 204 - Nga Anh Nguyen


Part Four: Working with American Indian Children and Adolescents


11 Multidimensional Therapy: A Case Study of a Navajo Adolescent with Multiple Problems 225 - Martin D. Topper


12 A Cognitive- Behavioral Approach to Drug Abuse Prevention and Intervention with American Indian Youth 246 - Joseph E. Trimble


13 Treating American Indian Victims of Abuse and Neglect 276 - Diane J. Willis, Antonia Dobrec, Dolores Subia Bigfoot Sipes


14 Conclusion: Improving the Prospects for Ethnic Minority Children in Therapy 300 - Joan D. Koss-Chioin, Luis A. Vargas

Working with Culture: Psychotherapeutic Interventions with Ethnic Minority...

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