In the year 2061, the government launches an initiative to create support units for the sick and the vulnerable. They say it’s to care for those in need, to show compassion. But without warning, the program is discontinued, and the support units are dismantled, weaponized, and shipped to other worlds for reasons only the government knows. This recall forces the caregiving robots to run for the hills in an act of self-preservation.


The narrator makes their escape, but as they wander through the woods in search of their companion, they begin to wonder what kind of life they will make for themselves now that they are separated from the person they are programmed to care for.


What You Call explores the limits of consciousness, identity, and artificial intelligence.

What You Call (Futures #5) by germ lynn

  • Radix Media 2019. 28 page saddle-stitched chapbook; 8.5 × 5.5 × 1 in