Four artists play seven glorious grooves from Zambia. The old silimba xylophone master Crispin Mutanuka with two rocksteady tracks, Mufrika Edward with his sparkling kalimba and golden voice on two tracks, and three examples of the Barotse Guitar style from the Lipa Band and the Libala Band. All recorded by drummer/composer/producer/field recordist Michael Baird with his stereo microphone, while playing percussion/drums.
Track Listing:
A1. Crispin Mutanuka - Cheeba Mabelo Abanakwe
A2. Crispin Mutanuka - Muzeemo
A3. Mufrika Edward - Titwe
B1. Lipa Band - Toninge Silami
B2. Libala Band - Musipili
B3. Libala Band - Masholi
B4. Mufrika Edward - Galimoto

Zam Groove: Music from Zambia

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