For a second time round, delve into the Rockinitis sounds of mid-fifties to early-sixties Black dance music. Juke joint gear, as chosen by London based record-slinger, Diddy Wah, and Stag-O-Lee's troublemaker-in-chief, R-Man. If your nights are miss able and your days blue, salvation can be found right here. These selections aren't just a mild pick-me-up, this is full-blown electric guitar blues to make you stand up and shake your hips. 16 tracks recorded between 1955-1962. Features H-Bomb Ferguson, Guitar Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, Floyd Dixon, Moose John, Cousin Leroy, John Lee Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor, Otis Rush, Eddie Burns, Eddie Hope, Elmore James, Slim Harpo, Lightnin' Slim, Junior Wells, and Billy Boy.

Rockinitis Vol. 2: Electric Blues From The Rock'n'Roll Era

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    Stag-O-Lee (Germany)