Calypso developed into its modern form in Trinidad around the turn of the twentieth century as a primarily English-language topical song associated with pre-Lenten Carnival. By the 1920s, Calypsonians, as the singers and composers were called, performed in "tents" (yards covered by a tarp, union halls, and such) for the people of Trinidad and for tourists. As early as the 1930s, the genre was gaining a following outside of its homeland; for example, the British writer Aldous Huxley visited a tent in 1933 and wrote with admiration about calypso singing: "The Calypsonians of Trinidad live in another 'Zeit'; so the 'Geist' they obey is not the same as ours. In that, it may be, they are fortunate." Calypso Treasures features Lord Invader, Wilmoth Houdini, The Charmer, Young Tiger, Attila The Hun, The Island Champions, Lord Kitchener, Wilmoth Houdini, Duke Of Iron, The Roaring Lion, Mighty Terror, and Lord Melody.

V/A, Calypso Treasures

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