From the internationally bestselling author of You Should Have Left and Measuring the World, a return to historical fiction in this transfixing retelling of the German myth of the trickster Tyll Eulenspiegel--a story about the devastation of war and a beguiling artist's decision never to die.


The New York Times Best Historical Fiction of 2020
The Guardian's Best Fiction of 2020
Thrillist's Best Books of the Year

Daniel Kehlmann transports the medieval legend of the trickster Tyll Ulenspiegel to the seventeenth century in an enchanting work of magical realism, macabre humor, and rollicking adventure.

Tyll is a scrawny boy growing up in a quiet village until his father, a miller with a forbidden interest in alchemy and magic, is found out by the church. After Tyll flees with the baker’s daughter, he falls in with a traveling performer who teaches him his trade. As a juggler and a jester, Tyll forges his own path through a world devastated by the Thirty Years’ War, evading witch-hunters, escaping a collapsed mine outside a besieged city, and entertaining the exiled King and Queen of Bohemia along the way.

The result is both a riveting story and a moving tribute to the power of art in the face of the senseless brutality of history.

Tyll by Daniel Kehlmann (used)

  • Translated from the German by Ross Benjamin

    Vintage Books 2021

    Used paperback in very good condition

    352 pages