Raoul Vaneigem'’s Treatise on Etiquette for the Younger Generations (AKA The Revolution of Everyday Life), is a refusal of representation and bureaucracy, and emphasizes autonomous desire, play and festivity. Featuring the original French title, this edition reflects the anarchistic impulse of the Situationist International and the events of May 1968. This edition will continue to make this important title accessible to a new "younger generation," with a new introduction from Jason McQuinn (former publisher of Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, which serialized the English translation before it was available in book form in the US) at an affordable price.


"The moment of revolt, which means now, is hallowing out for us in the hard rock of our daily lives, days that miraculously retain the delicious colours and the dreamlike charm which--like an Aladdin’'s cave, magical and prismatic in an atmosphere all its own--is inalienably ours. The moment of revolt is childhood rediscovered, time put to everyone’'s use, the dissolution of the market, and the beginning of generalised self-management."

Treatise on Etiquette for the Younger Generations

  • LBC Books 2012

    New paperback

    272 pages