"Chenault’s short but powerful gothic work blends the best elements of folklore, horror, the blues, and archival history in resonant and lyrical prose." —Publishers Weekly (starred review)


In a neighborhood known as the Bramble Patch, the Lyons family endures despite poverty, racism, and the ghoulish appetites of an underworld kingpin called the Barghest. As the years pass and the neighborhood falls into decay, along with the town that surrounds it, what’s left of the Bramble Patch will learn the saying is true: These bones are gonna rise again.


"What a remarkable book. A generational history viewed obliquely through vignettes of various voices, songs, sermons, and ephemera full of magical realism, horror, righteous anger, sorrow, betrayal, love and revenge. Utterly original. It's a gut punch." —Alana Haley, Nicola's Books


“Kayla Chenault has created something truly exquisite.” —Stacy D. Flood, author of The Salt Fields


"Chenault brings forth a history that isn't buried as far underground as once thought, a history soiled with horror and ferocity that finds harmony in the stunning prose." —Caitlin Chung, author of Ship of Fates

These Bones by Kayla Chenault

  • Lanternfish Books 2021

    New paperback

    167 pages