Melissa Edmundson, editor of Women’s Weird and Women’s Weird 2, has curated this selection of the best of Elinor Mordaunt’s supernatural short fiction. The stories blend the technologies and social attitudes of modernity with the classic supernatural tropes of the ghost, the haunted house, possession, conjuration from the dead and witchcraft. Each story is an original and compelling contribution to supernatural fiction, making this selection a marvellous new showcase for women’s writing in the genre.


Elinor Mordaunt was the pen name of Evelyn May Clowes (1872-1942), a prolific and popular novelist and short story writer, working in Australia and Britain in the first thirty-five years of the twentieth century.


Stories in The Villa and The Vortex include:

  • The Villa’, in which death is brought into a Croatian mansion, but it’s not so easy to ask it to leave.
  • ‘The Country-side’, in which a very ordinary infidelity demands the ultimate sacrifice.
  • ‘Four wallpapers’, in which stripping off the wall coverings of a Spanish chateau re-enacts a family tragedy.
  • ‘Hodge’ (previously published in Women’s Weird) in which two adolescents bring a prehistoric man into their own time, and their home.


‘An attractive, enjoyable collection of supernatural tales, including some real gems.’ – British Fantasy Society


‘What a treat this book is: nine exquisitely written stories from a criminally unsung queen of early twentieth-century weird fiction, gorgeously packaged by Handheld Press, and with a typically sterling introduction by Melissa Edmundson. These are tales to live and lose yourself in – haunting, horrifying, and poignant by turns.’ – Horrified


‘Beautifully continues the Press’s mission to bring forgotten weird fiction back to life, and makes for a wonderfully spooky read just in time for the Halloween season … The Villa and the Vortex is a must-read for those who find themselves drawn to older weird fiction, and for those with a fondness for older supernatural and ghost stories.’ – What Sleeps Beneath


‘In “The Landlady” a couple find their new house is haunted by a kindly ghost – but she is not quite what she seems. The story also deals with personal attachment to time and place and the emotional draw the past can have on us. In “Four Wallpapers” the haunting is through layers of wall paper that are a portal for the past in a troubled house … Mordaunt appears to have believed in the supernatural, having experienced an apparition in Papua New Guinea, she also had personal experience of premonitions during her life and as a child was raised on a diet of folk legends and ghost stories. The influence of these are sometimes seen in the inspiration for the stories. Evil is also a tangible and real thing, created by malice or madness as it permeates lives and wreaks havoc such as in “The Vortex”. There is no ambivalence about the other worldly nature of her creations. There is reticence though, providing direct experience and little explanation, leaving the reader to piece together the truth.’ – A Ghostly Company, autumn 2021

The Villa and The Vortex: Supernatural Stories, 1916-1924 by Elinor Mordaunt

  • Handheld Press 2021

    New paperback