Drawing connections between the state, the church, left and right wing politicians, and including a list of actions against detention centers in multiple areas in europe (but emphasizing Italy), this is a snapshot of recent events as well as an analysis of the treatment of immigrants in Europe.


From the introduction:

To imprison people escaping from devastated countries is an infamy, regardless of the treatment the prisoners are given. The latter, however, is far from being respectful of so-called ‘human rights’; hence the many protests organised by associations and even leftist political party members, which started showing their dissent only when the infamy became too obvious. After all, the CPTs were introduced in Italy by a leftwing government and were initially supported by many of those who now express their pacific indignation towards them.


On the contrary, angry protesters, disgusted by the fact that human beings are imprisoned simply because they are foreigners, poor and without the right documents, have been struggling fiercely against the CPTs since their introduction in 1998.


This struggle led to the arrest of five anarchists in Lecce (in southern Italy), in May 2005. They had chosen not to delegate their protest to any expert or politician, on the contrary they had gone outside the local immigration concentration camp (the Regina Pacis in San Foca) thousands of times and shouted their solidarity to the imprisoned immigrants, openly denounced those responsible for the detention centre (where all kinds of abuse and violence were inflicted on the prisoners), and declared their hatred towards racism and confinement, exploitation and the exclusion of the poor. The detention centre in San Foca closed down after the director was charged with private violence and embezzlement, but two of our comrades are still in jail and another two are under house arrest.


This pamphlet presents a few contributions concerning the struggle against the CPTs in Italy and actions carried out in other countries in solidarity with imprisoned immigrants and with the anarchists arrested in Lecce.

The Unwanted Children of Capital

  • Elephant Editions and Ardent Press 2012

    New chapbook

    172 pages

1 N. Lombardy St.

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