A breathtaking tale of catastrophe and survival. A mesmerizing work of sacrifice and hope. An epic story of a girl given the chance to save humanity.


The Passage is the story of Amy Harper Bellafonte, a tale of great friendship and unimaginable sacrifice set against a devastated world. Abandoned by her mother, six-year-old Amy becomes the thirteenth test subject in a secret government experiment--an experiment that goes terribly awry when the first twelve subjects break out, carrying a deadly virus with them. Amy escapes, rescued by the FBI agent who has befriended her, and who carries a secret heartache of his own. Together they hide out in the hills of Oregon, cut off from civilization as the experiment's fallout descends. One hundred years later, the story resumes at a walled colony of human survivors huddled under the lights that protect them from attack by the vicious creatures that roam the barren American landscape. Then, from out of the wilderness comes a young woman, mute and traumatized, with neither voice nor memory. Befriended by a group of intrepid young survivors, including the haunted young man who comes to love her, she must make her passage across the wastelands to the place where she began, to uncover the secret of her mysterious origins--a secret with the power to save the human race.

The Passage by Justin Cronin (used)

  • Ballantine Books 2010

    Used hardcover in very good condition

    766 pages