Alona's Dream Records and Regressive Films present: THE ONLY ONES Live in Chicago 1979 - Sunday Morning Nightmare Vol 1. This live release documents Chicago performances of the Only Ones as originally aired on Chicago punk DJ Terry Nelson's Sunday Morning Nightmare radio show in 1979. This no nonsense set was recorded by legendary mobile recording guru TIMOTHY POWELL of Metro Mobile Recording. This previously unreleased show finds the Only Ones at the peak of their early career. The set features a solid list of future classics drawn from their first three studio albums, deep cuts and influential hit singles.  The Only Ones were not a typical UK punk band. They evolved out of the pubrock scene and had a rich history in the UK music scene in general. Members previously played with classic groups including Spooky Tooth and Beatstalkers as well as, Peter Perrett's now classic 'Englands Glory'. Their UK chart single 'Another Girl, Another Planet', set the Only Ones apart from the new wave of English rock bands swarming out of the late ’70’s. They had the complexity, range, soul, and songwriting skills lacking in most of their punkier peers. They would cut three essential LPs in the late 1970s and are still considered one of the UKs foremost rock acts. Today they are praised by critics and fans alike for their enduring influence. Terry Nelson's Sunday Morning Nightmare Radio bio (via the Chicago Punk Database): “Sunday Morning Nightmare was (guessing) a weekly show devoted to punk rock on WZRD. Steve Albini said in the liner notes to Naked Raygun's Basement Screams CD reissue that is was the "one radio program" for Chicago punk in the early 80s.”

The Only Ones, "Live in Chicago 1979"

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