A finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Single-Author Collection!


The Nameless Dark debuts a major new voice in contemporary Weird fiction. Within these pages, you’ll find whispers of the familiar ghosts of the classic pulps--Lovecraft, Bradbury, Smith--blended with Grau’s uniquely macabre, witty storytelling, securing his place at the table amid this current Renaissance of literary horror. A collection of dark fiction that should not be missed.

T.E. Grau is an author of dark fiction whose work has been featured in dozens of anthologies, magazines, literary journals, and audio platforms. The Nameless Dark is his debut collection of short fiction. T.E. Grau lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, and can be found in the ether at The Cosmicomicon.


"The dark fiction in Grau’s first collection is nicely twisted, with stories that play on the best of eldritch horror, creating a sense of dread and the unexplained instead of overt malevolence." - Publishers Weekly

''What's most impressive about T. E. Grau's stunning debut collection is the range of his settings and histories, and of the desperate and authentic voices of his doomed characters. The cumulative effect of these smart, evocative, unsettling creepers is a sense of dread as deep as the secret ocean underneath Nebraska.'' - Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts 

''Each story is written with a clear love for language, the prose evocative, heartfelt, and often heartbreaking, providing observations of human nature that are wickedly astute and well considered. The stars must have been right when he wrote this because Grau has created magic here, magic of a very dark kind.'' - Ray Cluley, author of Probably Monsters

T.E. Grau has a way of writing tales that are at once terrifying and wondrous, and what’s really remarkable about the stories in The Nameless Dark is that there isn’t a single story in the bunch that’s anything less than brilliant. Grau takes you down dark, horrific pathways, keeping you on the edge of your seat and reading until the final, petrifying sentence." - This is Horror blog

The Nameless Dark by T. E. Grau

  • Lethe Press 2015

    New paperback

    282 pages