Horror is part of the human condition, but few peoples across the ages know it quite like the Jews.


From slavery to pogroms to the Holocaust to antisemitism, the “Chosen People” have not only endured hell on Earth, they’ve risen above it to share their stories with the world.


Whether it’s pirate rabbis or demon-slaying Bible queens, concentration camp vampires or fearless, beloved bubbies, THE JEWISH BOOK OF HORROR offers you twenty-two dark tales about the culture, history, and folklore of the Jewish people.


“A superior anthology with a fascinating origin story…[that] demonstrates the compatibility of Jewish tradition, history, and folklore with the horror genre.” - Publishers Weekly


“Marginalized writers are taking back the genre, using it to confront some of their own demons and show the world the horrors they personally experience…these stories inform and empower.” - Bookishly Jewish


“Each tale comes steeped in a background of Jewish lives and traditions. Each holds a powerful key to understanding the varied sources of horror in adversities that challenge heart, soul, and spiritual wellsprings alike.” - Midwest Book Review

The Jewish Book of Horror