It's the thirty-fourth century and the nuclear apocalypse has come and gone. Civilization has rebuilt itself, and the results are eerily similar to the early part of the twenty-first century. But there are a few notable differences. Visa owns everything. Deer are the most common domesticated animal. And misinterpretations of pre-apocalyptic history run amuck (e.g. Palin established the theory of natural selection). But what hasn't changed is the nature of good and evil.

The Good and the Ghastly centers around two people linked through violence. Mobster Junior Alvarez has risen from child street thug to criminal overlord. He is a reprehensible man who will go to incredible lengths to get what he wants--power--and he desires to live however he pleases, without compromise. The intensity of his quest is matched only by that of the middle-aged mother of one of Alvarez's first victims. She has gone vigilante and is hunting down mobsters. The two are willing to go to the ends of the earth to manifest their wills--one good, one ghastly, both ruthless.

The Good and the Ghastly by James Boice (used)