This is the hardcover omnibus edition issued by the Science Fiction Book Club. Comprises the first three novels in Saberhagen's epic series: The First Book of Swords (1983); The Second Book of Swords (1983); and The Third Book of Swords (1984). The tale of twelve magical Swords forged by the gods, each endowed with a particular power or gift, and how various characters acquire and use them. The series spans several decades and features dozens of characters.


The Swords were forged on a lifeless, wind-scoured mountaintop, with fire drawn from the earth's belly, and metal that fell from the sky. They were tempered with human sweat and human blood by the hand of the god Vulcan, Master Smith.

The Complete Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen (used)

  • Nelson Doubleday

    Used hardcover in very good condition

    626 pages