Reissue of Mod Is... The British Modbeats, originally released in 1967. Founded in the mid-60s by vocalist Fraser Loveman, guitarists Greig Foster and Mike Gorgichuk, bassist Joe Colonna, and drummer Robbie Jeffrey, the Ontario-based British Modbeats played covers of British Invasion groups such as the Rolling Stones and Spencer Davis Group and posed as true Englishmen. Red Leaf Records signed them and released their 1967 album, Mod Is... the British Modbeats. They disbanded same year when Loveman left to start a new group, The Foundation. Multicolor vinyl.
Track Listing:
01. Whatcha Gonna Do About It
02. Love's Just A Broken Heart
03. The Price Of Love
04. Ain't Nobody Home But Me
05. L.S.D.
06. Land Of A 1000 Dances
07. Somebody Help Me
08. Sorrow
09. More Love
10. Try To Understand
11. Don't Answer Me

The British Modbeats, Mod Is...