Sandy Kurtz has problems. He's got a baby on the way, his wife doesn't love him, and he's struggling to find passion or purpose at his big-box retail job. And, once a month, he turns into a werewolf.

In Darrin Doyle's deft hands, Sandy's story is a tall tale for our times, an absurd and darkly comedic take on toxic masculinity, small-town America, and the terror of not knowing who you are―or who you're capable of becoming.

Join us on the trip. Feel the power of the full moon as it turns you into a carnivore capable of ruling the wilds of rural Michigan. Taste the rich blood of a pulsing animal heart; feel it cascade down your face as you transform into what you always wanted to be. Enter...the wolf.

The Beast in Aisle 34 is a marvel – furiously paced, insanely imaginative, and wildly funny. In this remarkable book, Darrin Doyle breathes new life into the wolfman story – not to mention the small-town Midwest tale – by weaving these tropes into a two-headed monster that asks essential questions about the world mankind has created, while simultaneously lampooning it. Like my very favorite writers, Darrin Doyle sees