The hymn of Digitalization is nothing new: We must encourage the creation of new apps. We must develop AI in order to prevail among international competition. Technology's advance will halt climate change and let robots do the dumb stuff for us. Our faith in technology is powerful because it has saved us in the past. The Almighty Machine shows us technology's flip side. The things that once powered us toward a brighter tomorrow are already undermining our quality of life. The data stream has shattered our concentration, human relationships have been reduced to a menu of emojis, constant surveillance has nullified much of our privacy, and the development of AI could be the beginning of the end for us. We are becoming the casualties of our own success.


Pekka Vahvanen's bristling and timely critique, deftly translated by Mark Jones, throws doubt on the necessity of technological development in a world saturated in tech. The Almighty Machine presents an important question: Does progress no longer make us happier?


Pekka Vahvanen (born 1983) is a Finnish writer. He has also hosted Perjantai, a prime time television programme, as well as various radio programmes in Finland. He holds a Master of Arts in International History. Vahvanen, who considers himself a conservative, doesn't have a smart phone -- nor does he have any intent of getting one. He lives in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

The Almighty Machine: How Digitalization Is Destroying Everything That Is Dear..