Since the publication of Our Word Is Our Weapon—which Publishers Weekly described as "strong as dignity and as subtle as love"—Mexico's enigmatic Zapatista leader has written some of his most brilliant and complex works. From a retelling of indigenous myths and legends, to visions of the future of Mexico, from searing critiques of the US war in Iraq, to clandestine radio broadcasts from the jungles of Chiapas, here is an amazing selection of writing that gives voice to the literary and poetic genius of Latin America’s greatest living writer and rebel.


Subcomandante Marcos is a spokesperson and strategist for the Zapatistas.


"ABSURD! Thus the man known around the world as Subcomandante Marcos, soldier, revolutionary, poet, philosopher, and spokesman for the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN), describes the political situations that exist in the world today. It is absurd that he lives in a country that has produced the world's most wealthy individual but in which over 40 percent of the population lives in dire poverty. . . Marcos' book, The Speed of Dreams, is a collection of translated writings arranged in more or less chronological order by the editors. They include presentations that Marcos made at forums and during marches throughout Mexico and delightful philosophical musings that Marcos attributes to devils, children, and a hardshelled Lacandón beetle named Durito who rides a skateboard and calls the Sup 'used-underwear face.'" —Robert Joe Stout, New Politics

Speed of Dreams: Selected Writings 2001-2007

  • City Lights 2007. New paperback; 308 pages

1 N. Lombardy St.

Richmond, VA 23220


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