Raw Spitt was the pseudonym used by singer Charlie Whitehead on the Swamp Dogg-produced 1970 album Raw Spitt, as well as on the 1971 non-LP single "Songs to Sing"/"That Ain't My Wife." As Swamp Dogg also co-wrote or wholly wrote most of the songs released under the Raw Spitt name, while Whitehead only contributed to the composition of one of those songs, Raw Spitt sometimes seemed at least as much of a Swamp Dogg project as a Whitehead one. The Raw Spitt LP, like much of Swamp Dogg's material from the period, is likeable gritty early-'70s soul with dashes of funk and rock, as well as some reflective and humorous lyrics about African-American identity, racial/social injustice, and sex.

Raw Spitt, "Raw Spitt"

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