A ground-breaking history of the radical political movements that developed within the Mexican and Chicano working-class in the United States.


Radicals in the Barrio uncovers a long and rich history of political radicalism within the Mexican and Chicano working class in the United States. Chacón clearly and sympathetically documents the ways that migratory workers carried with them radical political ideologies, new organizational models, and shared class experience, as they crossed the border into southwestern barrios during the first three decades of the twentieth-century.


"Radicals in the Barrio is the most sweeping and scholarly research on the role of the Left in Chicano history. It is groundbreaking."

-Mario T. Garcia, author of Mexican Americans: Leadership, Ideology, and Identity, 1930-1960


"Justin Akers Chacón recreates and gathers revealing and emotive examples of genuine proletarian internationalism. The history of struggles of Mexican workers in the United States acquire an extraordinary timeliness in this indispensable book."
-Anna Ribera Carbó, Directorate of Historical Studies, Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History


"Hundreds of books about Mexican American history and their contemporary experiences in the United States have been published since the 1960s. Until now, however, a book on the role of the Mexican American working class in the development of the U.S. Left has remained largely missing. Radicals in the Barrio is a remarkable book that fills the gap. In particular, the author has done an excellent job documenting the role of Mexican men and women on both sides of the U.S-Mexico border who played a significant role in organizing Left organizations beginning with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in the early 1900s to the Socialist and Communists parties, unions, and other Left organizations up to the 1950s. The author also details the reasons for both the emergence of those organizations and their decline. In short, the book is a valuable contribution on the lessons of past that can be useful for the emergence of new Left organizations in the 21st Century."

-Dr. Carlos Muñoz, Jr., author of Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement

Radicals in the Barrio: Magonistas, Socialists, Wobblies, and Communists...

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