Finally, after almost three years, we're making some merch! We have two available designs: Playing Cards (featuring two of our favorite hellraisers, Little Richard and Emma Goldman), and Accomplish Nothing, both of which which will be printed on 100% cotton t-shirts. Choose which design and size you want, and we'll custom print a shirt just for you.


We are printing the shirts ourselves! Some notes on that:

We are doing this as a preorder so that we can order the right number of each size of shirt, which means there will be few shirts left over, if any. If you don't preorder, you probably won't be able to get one, unless and until we do another round. And who knows if we ever will! So, if you want a shirt, preorder ASAP, or regret it forever.


A rough timeline:
Preorders will stay open for two weeks (until February 19). After preorders close, we'll order the materials, which will take 1-2 weeks to arrive, and then print all the shirts. They will likely be ready for pick up/shipping (if you choose shipping, they'll be sent First Class) in mid-March, but until we know exactly how many we're making, we won't have an exact date. Preorder customers will receive email updates on the status of the t-shirts as they progress.


These images are digital mock-ups of what the t-shirts will look like, not the actual shirts. Expect some slight variation in the final product. Shirt colors may vary depending on availability (especially size 4x, which unfortunately is not available in every color).



PREORDER Small Friend T-Shirt