For uses both serious and frivolous: 54 illustrated playing cards, each imbued with the power to protect you from some common calamity.

Portable Fortitude has infinite uses, including: cartomancy (reading tarot with playing cards), spokecards for your bicycle, talismans on your altar, or standard card games. Educators use them in classrooms as writing and drawing prompts, writers use them to free associate, and many buy one deck to keep and another to split up and give away, card by card. Keep a card in your wallet for special protection (I always carry Protection from Bicycle Mishap), slip one in a friend’s pocket, or string them all over your doorway to keep out all the bad mojo.

Portable Fortitude Playing Cards

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  • By Abacus Corvus

    Decks come shrink-wrapped in a custom tuck box. Cards are standard poker sized. Cards are coated to be fully playable, but use slightly thinner paper than standard poker decks. Printed in the USA with high environmental and quality standards.