Childhood should last forever.


Jeanne is a little girl who lives with Pistouvi, a young fox, in a charming little cabin at the top of a giant tree, surrounded by a prairie tended by a giant ‘tractor-man’ and the wind-spirit he loves. Together they spend frolicking days without responsibility, but soon, adulthood creeps into their lives…


A magnificent, lyrical fable about the transition from childhood to the world of adults.  Jeanne and Pistouvi learn more each day about identity and otherness, represented by a constant flock of babbling mockingbirds. Though at first they are inseparable, the two friends find their relationship fraying as Jeanne grows older, and little Pistouvi suffers from the pull of the birds. In this tale, evil is invisible but ever-present, and the passage into the world of adulthood is tinged with a hint of disillusionment…


"Fans of Studio Ghibli will appreciate this quietly strange tale... A dreamscape of a graphic novel about the changing friendship between a young fox and his best friend." - School Library Journal


"Whimsical, magical, beautiful, heart-rending: I already want to read Pistouvi again. You will too." - Janet Lee (Eisner-winner, Return of the Dapper Men)
"The fine-lined artwork precisely captures both the charming surface and the subtly unsettling undercurrents of Pistouvie's curious world." -- Eric Shanower (Eisner-winner, The Worlder Wizard of Oz, Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland)

Pistouvi by Merwan

  • Magnetic Press 2020

    Illustrated by Bertrand Gatignol

    New paperback

    192 pages

    Ages 8-14