Exact repro; originally released in 1966. Tracks: "The Panther (Boogaloo)," "Konjit (Pretty)," "Soul Power," "Lover's Mambo," "Love Mood For Two," "Jijiger," "Girl From Addis Ababa," "Karayu," "Raina." "For those who might not be familiar, Mulatu Astatke is as important to the history of Ethio-jazz as Fela Kuti is to Afrobeat, defining the genre from it's inception. . . . On 'Soul Power', we find another great example of Astatke's signature sound, blending together traditional Ethiopian music with Latin-jazz. Simply put, just another classic composition from one of the genre's most influential and legendary musicians." --Pat Les Stache, American Athlete

Mulatu & His Ethiopian Quintet, Afro-Latin Soul VOL. 2

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