"How do you explain black people in
America how do you explain you were raised by a white woman how
do you explain your Middle Passage in limping French how do you say
my family’s first ancestor with a name was Griffin Lewis born before
the end of the civil war and before that names weren’t recorded it was a
practice of erasure a practice of commodification it was very efficient so
I can’t tell you anything except what I am now so I say more baguette
please je suis pompette."


"Fearless poem-essay of a black girl abroad, mixed novel, radiant almanac. It left me breathless." -Sofia Samatar


LYRIC HUNTER is a writer from new york city. She received her BFA in Fine Art from the Cooper Union in 2012. Her chapbook Swallower was published by Ugly Duckling Presse in 2014 and her work has also appeared in Poems by Sunday, Belleville Park Pages, and Arava Review. Motherwort (Guillotine, 2017) is her second chapbook. 

Motherwort by Lyric Hunter