The first volume in a stunning collection documenting the early years of the great Miles Davis. The first steps into the legend of the young man with the horn. Side A, tracks 1-4, recorded January 17, 1951. Personnel: Sonny Rollins - tenor saxophone; Bennie Green - trombone; John Lewis - piano; Percy Heath - bass; Roy Haynes - drums.

Side A, tracks 5-8, recorded March 8, 1951. Personnel: Lee Konitz - saxophone; Sal Mosca - piano; Billy Bauer - guitar; Arnold Fishkin - bass; Art Blakey - drums.

Side B, recorded October 5, 1951. Personnel: Sonny Rollins - tenor saxophone; Walter Bishop - piano; Tommy Potter - bass; Art Blakey - drums.

Miles Davis, "Young Man with the Horn, Volume 1"

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