The story follows Ellery Lang, whose mother Valerie has abruptly left their home after several days of spouting increasingly strange conspiracy theories. In a near future world where citizens are always watched and where “personalization” is part of every day life, Valerie has managed to stay in an era long gone. This makes her a mystery to Ellery, who realizes how little she actually knows about her, and the search for her stirs up painful childhood memories that Ellery can now choose to erase.


Hard Mother, Spider Mother, Soft Mother is a story about the imprecise nature of memories and how they affect our relationships.

Hard Mother, Spider Mother, Soft Mother (Futures #4) by Hal Y. Zhang

  • Radix Media 2019

    32 page saddle-stitched chapbook

    8.5 × 5.5 × 1 in.