What's everyone doing later? Some creatively named Facebook events?


This book is about how a particularly chaotic 24 hours impacts a group of girls, and what they each get up to over the course of the night. 


"Scream" - Liz Suburbia
"AAA NICE!!! Caroline is so frickin' good!!" -Sage Coffey
"Heck yeah!!!" -Nadia Shammas

Caroline Cash is an independent comics artist and printer active in the Chicago, IL, self publishing community. After dabbling in "fine art," Cash took a low-brow turn into the world of zine and comic making with colored pencils, screen-printing, and offset print-making.

Girl in the World by Caroline Cash

  • Silver Sprocket 2019. 64 pages, full color, 8.5″x11"

1 N. Lombardy St.

Richmond, VA 23220



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