New music seldom surfaces that is so deeply intense, just hearing it may induce instant nostalgia—the ancient sensations when the seasons change, a vivid dream involving first love. In the same way that few can create simultaneously dark and uplifting songs, the Brooklyn-based quartet Ghastly City Sleep hone in on immensely powerful elements and deliver a commanding, breathtaking first offering. When the four tracks spanning thirty minutes on their self-titled debut conclude, you actually feel different. To say it’s “moving” is an understatement.  While two pieces nearly reach the six-minute mark and the other two eclipse nine, the album flows with a smooth liquidity, creating one solidified, captivating body of work. The four young men involved in Ghastly City Sleep don’t stick to one instrument for long, as the entire collective plays everything from guitars, keys, various percussion, and just about anything in between. The multitude of layers are accompanied by a warm yet haunting array of vocals, which contributes to making this debut feel epic.  

• Features contributions by past and present members of Gregor Samsa, City of Caterpillar, Majority Rule, Kayo Dot, and more

Ghastly City Sleep, "Ghastly City Sleep"

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