RSD 2020 release. Musical maverick and interstellar comedian George Clinton changed the shape of modern funk with his Parliament and P Funk projects, the first yielding a harder-edged somewhat more traditional form of funk, the latter a goofy, loose and sloppily playful Afrofuturist take on funk innovation. The live shows always stretched the boundaries of plausibility, as well as musical contours, with our hero beaming himself on stage from a massive "mothership" to deliver an excessive funk tour-de-force. Make My Funk The P-Funk takes its name from the group's ubiquitous catchphrase and the tracks are drawn from various live performances stretching from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, and there are some studio recordings as well, such as the instrumental "Good Love". Licensed by Prestige. 180 gram neon violet vinyl.
Track Listing:
01. Flashlight
02. Standing On The Verge
03. State Of The Nation
04. Ain't Nothing But A Jam Y'all
05. Good Love
06. Bop Gun
07. Aqua Boogie
08. Maggot Brain

George Clinton, Make My Funk The P-Funk

  • New LP

    180 gram neon violet vinyl.

    Record Store Day 2020- 9/26 Drop Date release

    Trading Places Records (UK)