I am Gasper Nali. I live in Nkhata-Bay, but I was born in Mzimba, a town close to Nkhata-Bay. I started singing and performing in 1997 with my two brothers who passed away in 2002.
After they passed away I started on my own as a soloist. After singing for a long time I decided to make my own guitar with one wire string called the Babatoni. I just came up with the idea from nowhere. I made the instrument and started practicing my songs. Nobody taught me how to play the instrument, I taught myself everything from making it to making music with it. I like the Babatoni because it does not need electricity to play with, so I can bring it everywhere with me and play it without plugging it to electricity.
I use cow skin for making the cover of the body and took part of the blue-gum tree to form the fretboard and the neck of the guitar, and I use car tire wire to make the string. I also play a self-made local bass drum with a self-made pedal, together with the Babatoni.
When everything is finished I tune my Babatoni, then I write my songs. Nobody writes for me and everything is by myself. I want to thank God for giving the wisdom of music. Today I am able to make a living with music.

Gasper Nali, "Zoona Malawi"

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