"By the mid-70s many established and independent gospel artists started creating records with a tight four-on-the-floor beat that touched both churchgoers as well as patrons of the drug-fueled establishments of the '70s. Second instalment of Greg Belson's Divine Disco -- for this collection he dug deep into his crates to undercover the rarest independent and private press gospel disco records ever recorded. Many tracks are under the radar or recently discovered such as Harrison Jones's 'On that Other Shore', Converters' 'I've Been Converted' and the super limited self-released 45 by Mr Jesse R. McGuire, 'Jesus Is On the Mainline'. Only 50 copies were ever pressed. This volume even includes gospel disco from the UK with Paradise's brilliant 'Keep the Fire.' This compilation also includes remixes and edits by Steve Cobby (who was a member of Fila Brazillia) and the Divine Situation production duo of Greg Belson and Paulo Fulci."

G. Belson, "Divine Disco Vol. 2"

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  • New 2LP

    2019 RSD Release

    Cultures of Soul Records

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