An embattled wind engineer facing personal and climatic disaster. A society on the brink of collapse. Polar bear mutiny. And, of course, robots. This box set collects the seven chapbooks from Futures: A Science Fiction Series, originally published as a monthly subscription. These beautifully illustrated chapbooks explore critical contemporary issues inspiring us to rethink our future.


Futures was edited, designed, printed, and bound in-house by the workers of Radix Media.


The Futures box set is comprised of seven stories:


Always Blue by John Dermot Woods (April 2019)

Guava Summer by Vera Kurian (May 2019)

Muri by Ashley Shelby (June 2019)

Hard Mother, Spider Mother, Soft Mother by Hal Y. Zhang (July 2019)

What You Call by Germ Lynn (August 2019)

A Point of Honor by Aeryn Rudel (September 2019)

Milo (01001101 01101001 01101100 01101111) by Alexander Pyles (October 2019)

Futures: A Science Fiction Series Box Set

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  • Radix Media 2019. Box Set of Seven Saddle-Stitched Chapbooks