These words mark the maximum point of Malatesta’s analyses contained in the present pamphlet. The individual arguments faced, the various theoretical questions take on a different meaning and perspective in the light of this phrase. Taken individually, problems such as production, machinery, work, planning, price mechanisms, Government, the State, the revolution considered in abstract terms, can each be treated with that detached perspective which so many comrades have substituted for the true meaning of anarchism. Here these problems take on a different hue.


“The numerous editions and translations of this pamphlet by Errico Malatesta all over the world have already demonstrated that its importance and relevance have been universally recognized. Fra Contadini shares the modest tone of Malatesta’s other writings, more obvious here through the use of dialogue…because in reality, this is a didactic piece of work. Malatesta’s intention is to supply the anarchist movement..with an agile instrument of propaganda…Taken as a whole, it is still functional and admirably suited to the aim for which it was written: to push the most backward strata of the exploited to insurrection. It is an instrument of struggle, not a manual of anarchist theory. The clarity of vision that emanates from this pamphlet should not culminate in more fruitless theorising, therefore, but in practical insurrection and expropriation.” — Alfredo M. Bonano

Fra Contadini by Errico Malatesta

  • Ardent Press

    New chapbook

    87 pages