The latest book in the Nature Study Guides series of pocket guides introduces constellations from many cultures, and shows how to find them in the sky.


Learn to find and identify constellations, the patterns people all over the world see as we look up at the night sky from earth. Includes names and star stories form many traditions, including Native American, Asian, and African, as well as Classical Greek, constellations. With tips for stargazing and seasonal sky maps.


Dorcas S. Miller is the author of three other books in the Nature Study Guides series: Berry Finder, Track Finder, and Winter Weed Finder, as well as books on many topics, including kayaking, hiking, natural history, and outdoor cooking. Dorcas lives in Chelsea, Maine.

Constellation Finder: A Guide to Patterns in the Night Sky with Star Stories...

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  • Wilderness Press 2005

    New pamphlet

    62 pages