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If you respect the dead
and recall where they died
by this time tomorrow there will be nowhere to walk.



With gravity and resplendence, Colosseum confronts ruin in the ancient world and in the living moment, from historical accounts and from firsthand experience. Displaced from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Katie Ford returns this powerful report attesting to the storm's ferocity and its aftershocks for the lucky and the luckless. Out of this experience, Ford examines other catastrophes—those biblical, obscured by time, and those that play out daily, irrefutably, on television. Colosseum is an essential, moving book in its insistence that our fates are intertwined and that devastation does not discriminate.

Colosseum: Poems by Katie Ford (used)

  • Graywolf Press 2008

    Used paperback in very good condition

    57 pages