2020 repress. "The first act signed to The Neptunes' newly formed Star Trak label was a Virginia based duo known as the Clipse. The first single 'Grindin'' impacted the streets with its bare boned but infectious drum beat in the same way that 'Sucker MC's' did almost 20 years earlier. These brothers - Pusha T and Malice combined with The Neptunes groundbreaking production sent a clear message to the rap world ? 'we are not the same' (as rapped by Malice on his opening verse on 'Cot' Dam'). Clipse brings an authentic Virginia sound into the game and created a movement, with not only their darkly layered raps but The Neptunes as well. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo were able to combine their cyberpunk production with just the right group to create a street masterpiece. Following in the footsteps of such rap criminologists as Kool G Rap, Nas, Jay-Z, and Mobb Deep, the Clipse offer the Virginia hustler's viewpoint with clever, hard-hitting lyrics that is sprinkled throughout the entire album."

Clipse, "Lord Willin'"

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