Big Dread Moon by Claire Cronin is a record of spiritual urgency. Cronin's lyrics and melodies draw on the the stranger aspects of early American musical tradition, revealing the genre’s ties to “folk horror,” wherein supernatural and mundane worlds merge. Quietly sinister ballads like "Tourniquet" and "Wolfman" arise from the weird logic of dream, myth, and half-forgotten memories. Suburban homes, TV screens, and city landscapes are haunted by saints, beasts, ghosts, seers, and a “calm and decisionless” god. Lyrics which implore or command act like prayers or spells embedded inside Cronin's fever dream stories and personal confessions. These are devastatingly spare, delicate, emotionally intense songs, arranged around electric guitar, viola, and Cronin’s singular voice. Big Dread Moon was recorded and mixed at Figure 8 in Brooklyn by Shahzad Ismaily and mastered with additional mixing by Matt Mehlan. Tracks Tourniquet (3:20) What the Night is Thinking (2:32) Wolfman (5:46) Saint’s Lake (3:45) Like a Shield (3:51) Call Out (3:07) Six Guns (3:58) The Lamb (3:30) 400 high quality, 150g vinyl LPs in rice paper innersleeves & extra heavyweight, full-color photo jackets w/ complete album lyrics. 8 songs, 30 minutes. Black vinyl.

Claire Cronin, "Big Dread Moon"

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