Acclaimed writer Naomi Kritzer's marvelous tales of science fiction and fantasy are now collected in Cat Pictures and Other Stories. Here are seventeen short stories, including her Hugo Award-winning story "Cat Pictures Please," which is about what would happen if artificial intelligence was born out of our search engine history. Two stories are previously unpublished. Kritzer has a gift for telling stories both humorous and tender. Her stories are filled with wit and intelligence, and require thoughtful reading.


"Kritzer’s flawless collection taps deep wells of emotion and wonder. In the Hugo-winning title story, the internet becomes intelligent and decides that it will try to keep people from harming themselves—if they feed it pictures of cats. . . Her work is indisputably speculative, but it’s a perfect entry point to the genre for readers who prefer fantastical and futuristic elements to stay more in the background, with human (and robotic) feelings always at the fore. This splendid treat is not to be missed." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“These are the best sorts of stories: patient, inventive, expansive, quietly subversive and devilishly sly. Each one invites the reader to listen, to learn, to peek under the mask of the world, to be astonished. I love Kritzer’s work, and I always will.”  —Kelly Barnhill, Newbery Medalist

“Kritzer’s sharp, bittersweet memorable stories will stay with you long after you close the book." —Jo Walton, author of Among Others

"Reading Kritzer's collected stories is like opening little, beautifully-wrapped presents, one after the other. These stories are full of surprises, but always thoughtful, often charming, invariably meaningful.  Her prose is clear and easy to read, and her tales are wonderfully executed. Don't miss this collection!" —Louise Marley, author of The Child Goddess

Cat Pictures Please and Other Stories by Naomi Kritzer

  • Fairwood Press 2017

    New paperback

    324 pages