So excited to see this split finally coming to fruition. Agak is a Japanese screamo super-group containing members of Tetola93, Blue Friend, and Document Not Found. Their sound is super intense and epic, with a very dark take on the Japanese screamo sound. I'm really excited to see them getting some more exposure overseas with this release.

Majorel is another "in the family" group on this release, as one of the main members, Jesse, is an old friend of mine who's led many other Meatcube bands such as Dawn, Karoshi, and Altar of Complaints. Majorel is his latest project and might be the best yet. Their sound is both spacy and urgent. Excellent.

Cady is from the UK and play punishing emo-violence that fits in between Battle of Wolf 359 and Arsen. 1 part German northcore and 1 part Uranus, Cady's tracks are killer on this release and are a great addition.

You probably already know Coma Regalia, screamo's most prolific unit. Shawn, band leader and proprietor of Middle Man Records, was the organizer of this whole amazing split. It's almost unfair that someone with such brilliant music skill can also be such a great person. Anyways, three new tracks from Coma Regalia's. Maybe my favorite they've released so far.

Co-released with:
Meat Cube Label (USA)
Zegema Beach Records (CAN)
Middle Man Records (USA)
Kakusan Records (NOR)
Dance Happy Doom Crew (NZ)
Cyllene (GER)

Cady/Majorel/Agak/Coma Regalia, "Desolate Hands Move the Hour" split

  • Record and sleeve in VG+ condition

    Released 2018