bolo'bolo was originally printed in Germany in 1983, half as a joke. Fittingly for some of us, it is still the best anarchist utopian vision we have ever read, since it gives full reign to both people's individual autonomy and to our need to be part of a group.


If you find the word "imagination" or "creativity" coming up in your conversations (or, conversely, if you find yourself thinking a lot about being bored or stifled), if you like science fiction, if you don't think Parecon would work because of something other than the economics of it, this is a book to check out. As always, there are weak points in this book, but the good parts so far outweigh them that it's hard to even remember what the bad parts are.


This edition comes with a new 30th anniversary introduction, acknowledging some of the changes (and lack of them) that have occurred and is a joint publication with Ardent and Autonomedia.


From AK Press: "bolo'bolo is a book about an anarchist utopia, the name of the utopia itself and the plural of that utopia's organizational unit—the bolo. ... bolo'bolo is also a plan for a transformation from our current state, the planetary work-machine, to another social organization mode based on local organization and a microclimate of cultures that form the unit of social cohesion."

bolo'bolo by P.M.

  • Ardent Press and Autonomedia 2011

    New paperback

    178 pages

1 N. Lombardy St.

Richmond, VA 23220


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