A book of mourning told through a coolly evocative series of life (and death) vignettes, from a lauded French writer, now in English for the first time; Six Feet Under meets George Perec.


A man decides he is old enough. A woman returns early from a lovers’ retreat to a bottle of pills at home. And how should you explain the nuances of contemporary Paris to your mother, twenty–five years dead? Valérie Mréjen's Black Forest is a book of mourning that isn’t morbid or sentimental, but rather an elegant and wryly humorous brace against the void. With a paradoxically detached intimacy, Mréjen follows death’s dark and twisted path through the lives it touches, wringing out every possible meaning—or non–meaning— along the way. A writer at the height of her career who draws comparisons to Georges Perec and Nathalie Sarraute, Mréjen has cemented her status as an auteur with a singular voice, guiding us through the Black Forest of ghosts that populate her subconscious.

Black Forest by Valérie Mréjen

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  • Deep Vellum Publishing 2019

    New paperback

    80 pages