By Petronella Lee


Antifascism Against Machismo is one of the strongest antifascist political interventions to address the intersection of patriarchal politics with both the far right and trends within the antifascist movement itself, from a firm historically informed theoretical basis in militant anarchism. Sections address the political misogyny of the contemporary far right (including but not limited to the Alt Right and "manosphere"), the history and actuality of the politics of racist scapegoating around issues of sexual violence and safety, herstories of antifascist organizing in Ethiopia, Spain, Yugoslavia, and elsewhere, and more. The text ends with a series of lessons from the past, and a call to develop feminist antifa politics.

Anti-Fascism Against Machismo: Gender, Politics and the Struggle Against Fascism

  • The Tower 2019. New saddle-stitched pamphlet; 54 pages