You don't need a lush garden to begin wildcrafting—you can find plenty of magickal herbs growing just outside your door. A Witch's Guide to Wildcraft explores more than thirty common plants, providing tips for identification, gathering, and cultivation as well as specific rituals and magickal uses. You will also discover step-by-step instructions for dozens of hearth-and-home herb projects, including cleansers, powders, incense, talismans, sprays, jam, and more.


The plants in this book are all native to North America and will lend sacred energy to spells and magical workings. Filled with history and lore, astrological correspondences, common and Latin names, and hands-on projects, this book helps you develop a closer relationship with our enchanted world and with your own spiritual self.


"Walker provides a balance between best practices, scientific knowledge, and decades of herbalist and magical experience. Her knowledge and expertise on herbalism shines in this text. The descriptions of each plant and its use are great for both beginner and advanced practitioners. An incredible resource for anyone, magical or not. A must have for everyone's bookshelf!"—Deidre Rogers, California Polytechnic State University


"A lovely walk through the most magickal of settings, the world of gardens, both domestic and wild. The author is a Master Gardener who brings together her life practice of wildcrafting and the use of herbs in spells and ritual intentions. Her graceful prose about the practical and the spiritual make this a fine addition to any library."—Holli Emore, executive director of Cherry Hill Seminary

A Witch's Guide to Wildcraft: Using Common Plants to Create Uncommon Magick

  • Llewellyn 2021

    New paperback

    288 pages